Unfortunately, there is a high rate of unemployment amongst newly settled refugees even if they are highly skilled or qualified. Culinary Tales is aimed at improving the employability, skills, and integration of these refugees into the Australian community via a standalone cooking class business, to promote their uniquely diverse culinary experiences and culture. Culinary Tales provides refugees with work experience by employing them to help run a cooking class to showcase their exotic cuisines. Food has a tangible role in forging links to connect a diverse range of cultures. Not only can we share the ways of cooking of refugees, we can also share their stories with the wider community.

For our customers, Culinary Tales is a unique cooking experience that gives you the opportunity to learn authentic recipes from our refugee chefs and hear their stories. Get involved in preparing and cooking traditional meals together as a group with fellow Sydney-siders, gain insight into the experiences as a refugee and enjoy the delicious food together at the end of the class.

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